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At Baskin-Robbins, we have a passion for delivering irresistible treats, smiles and fun for the entire neighbourhood.

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Permanent Flavours:

Extra rich chocolate ice cream.
Chocolate Chip
Vanilla ice cream loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cookie dough ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips.
Chocolate Mousse Royale
Milk chocolate mousse ice cream with chocolate flakes.
Cotton Candy
A swirl of pink and purple cotton candy ice cream.
Gold Medal Ribbon
Vanilla and chocolate ice creams with a caramel ribbon.
Hokey Pokey
White chocolate ice cream with crunchy honeycomb candy pieces and a caramel ribbon.
Jamoca Almond Fudge
Our Jamoca ice cream with roasted almonds and a rich chocolate fudge ribbon.
Mango Tango
Luscious mango ice cream dancing with a tangy mango ribbon.
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips.
Old Fashioned Butter Pecan
Butter pecan ice cream with butter-roasted pecans.
Cookies ’n Cream
Vanilla ice cream with cookie pieces.
Peanut Butter ’n Chocolate
Chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter ribbon.
Pistachio Almond
Pistachio ice cream loaded with roasted almonds.
Pralines ’n Cream
Vanilla ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon.
Rocky Road
Chocolate ice cream loaded with almonds and miniature marshmallows.
Rum Raisin
Rum flavoured ice cream with raisins.
Strawberry Cheesecake
A rich cheesecake flavoured ice cream with graham cracker pieces and a strawberry ribbon.
Vanilla ice cream made with fresh cream and real vanilla.
Very Berry Strawberry
Strawberry ice cream loaded with strawberries.
World Class Chocolate
White chocolate mousse ice cream swirled with milk chocolate ice cream.


Red Raspberry Sherbet
Sherbet flavoured with a puree of raspberries.
Orange Sherbet
Sherbet made with the juice of sunny oranges.
Sunrise Sherbet
Guava, mango and coconut sherbets swirled together in a tropical sensation.
Blue Raspberry Sherbet
Raspberry, orange and pineapple sherbets all mixed up in a rainbow of fruity flavor.
Rainbow Sherbet
A trio of sherbets: orange, pineapple and raspberry.


Pineapple Ice
Pineapple ice with crushed pineapple.
Citrus Twist Ice
Ice made with the tangy twist of lemons and limes.
Strawberry Sorbet
Sorbet made with pureed strawberries and strawberry pieces.
Mango Sorbet
A wonderfully refreshing sorbet made with a puree of fresh mangoes.
Orange Passion Fruit
A refreshing sorbet bursting with the flavour of oranges and passion fruit.

No Sugar Added

Caramel Turtle
A no sugar added low fat vanilla frozen dairy dessert with caramel filled milk chocolate turtles, swirled with caramel ribbon.
Peach Crumb Pie
No sugar added low fat peach ice cream loaded with golden pie crust pieces.
Chocolate Chip
Low fat vanilla with an abundance of NSA dark chocolate chunks.
Pineapple Coconut
The tropical taste of no sugar added low fat coconut frozen dairy dessert with pieces of pineapple.
Mad About Chocolate
Low fat chocolate sprinkled with NSA chocolate chunks and drizzled with a rich NSA chocolate ribbon.



Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Light raspberry ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chips and a raspberry ribbon.
Light Chocolate
Rich, creamy milk chocolate light ice cream. Yogurt Gone Crazy (Low fat)
Perils of Praline
Vanilla frozen yogurt packed with pralined pecans and chocolate cookie pieces, and a creamy caramel ribbon throughout.
Maui Brownie Madness
Chocolate frozen yogurt with chunks of brownie and macadamia nuts, ribboned with chocolate fudge.
Raspberry Cheese Louise
Lowfat cheesecake yogurt with raspberry cheesecake pieces and graham cracker bits swirled with a raspberry ribbon.
Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt.
Light Vanilla
Light vanilla ice cream made with fresh cream and real vanilla.
Butter Almond Crunch
Butter almond flavoured ice cream loaded with butter-roasted almonds.

Seasonal Flavours

Jamoca (coffee)
Jamoca ice cream made from our own exclusive blend of coffee.
Neopolitan Dynamite
Like no other. Our fabulous Vanilla paired with Very Berry Strawberry and Chocolate Chip ice creams. A new taste for an old classic.
Baseball Nut
Vanilla ice cream with cashews and a raspberry ribbon.
Butterscotch Ribbon
Vanilla ice cream swirled with a butterscotch ribbon.
Quarterback Crunch
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered rice “crispies” and a caramel ribbon.
Caramel Chocolate Crunch
Vanilla flavoured ice cream sprinkled with chocolate cookie pieces and swirled with caramel ribbon.
Cherri Berri Passion
Explore your wild side with this passionate blend of Mango Passion fruit ice cream, kissed with luscious strawberry and cherry pieces.
Cherries Jubilee
Cherry ice cream with cherry halves and a hint of rum flavour.
Winter White Chocolate
White chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cherry pieces and a cherry ribbon.
Dulce De Leche
Extra rich caramel ice cream swirled with a flavorful “Dulce de Leche” caramel ribbon.
German Chocolate Cake
Swiss chocolate ice cream with coconut, walnut pieces, milk chocolate brownie bitsand a caramel ribbon.
Green Tea
Green Tea flavoured ice cream.
Coconut ice cream with shredded coconut.
Love Potion #31 
White chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled cups and chocolate chips.
Macadamia Nuts & Cream
Vanilla ice cream with roasted macadamia nuts throughout.
Maple Walnut
Pure maple syrup ice cream with walnut pieces.
Nutty Coconut
Coconut ice cream with roasted almonds, buttered pecans and walnut pieces.
Chocolate Fudge
A deep, rich chocolate fudge flavoured ice cream.
Nutcracker Sweet
Nut ice cream swirled with a sweet caramel ribbon and packed with macadamias, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and almonds.
Hazelnut Dreams
Luxurious chocolate hazelnut ice cream swirled with a milk chocolate hazelnut ribbon and filled with hazelnut and chocolate pieces.
Lemon Meringue
Lovely lemon ice cream with a swirl of lemon custard ribbon and meringue cookies.
Choco Latte Crunch
Relax with this unique blend of rich Hawaiian Kona coffee ice cream, chocolate covered rice crunchies and a fudge crackle ribbon.
Key Lime Time
Delicious sweet cream mousse ice cream swirled with a key lime ribbon and key lime cheesecake pieces.
Piece of Cake
Yellow and white cake flavoured ice cream sprinkled with shortbread pieces and confetti candies, all swirled with a chocolate frosting ribbon.
Chocolate Escape
A mixture of chocolate and Swiss chocolate ice cream loaded with pieces of chocolate ganache cake and chocolate flavoured chunks.
Chocolate Trilogy
A trio of chocolate fudge, white and Swiss chocolate ice creams, loaded with chocolate chips and chocolate covered pretzels.