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Dr. Bryan S. Lee. B.Sc. DVM

Dr. Bryan S. Lee achieved his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 with great passion for animals, and has practiced as an associate, a president and an owner in South Korea and Canada. His academic knowledge and experiences have enabled him to become highly competent in every field of clinical practices including sophisticated internal medicine, dentistry, diagnostics, and surgeries.

Since immigrating to Canada in 2010 with his family, he has completed all certification programs in two years to be licensed as a Canadian veterinarian. He’s worked for the Elmwood Veterinary Hospital in Moncton, NB along with five Canadian doctors and the well trained staff. It was very rewarding for him as he performed various exams, diagnostics, complicated surgeries and orthopedic surgeries successfully.

He was working for the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic as a full time doctor, but made the decision to open his own clinic in order to expand his conviction and professionalism for his patients and clients. He’s now an Oakvillian along with his wife, two daughters and their dog, Brownie. He’s dedicated and ready to serve his patients and neighbours with a fully equipped medical system and a well-organized team.


Please see other Doctors’ comments for Dr. Lee.

Dr. Kim Maillet

I am very pleased to write this letter of referral for Dr. Bryan Lee. It has been my great pleasure to work alongside Dr. Lee for a little over a year now at the Elmwood veterinary Hospital. As a fellow veterinary surgeon and clinician, I worked closely with Bryan so I fully understand his capabilities. During this time, I witnessed his tremendous abilities first hand. He is an exceptional skilled veterinary surgeon and very capable clinician.

Bryan possesses a flexibility and adaptability which allows him to work in difficult situations extremely well. His relentless perseverance to always provide the highest degree of available medicine with skill serves his patients well. It is a joy to watch Bryan perform orthopedic surgery as he makes it seem effortless and his soft tissue surgery is performed with the most intricate and dedicate of movements. The results are simply beautiful.

Dr. Jessica O’Keefe

I am relatively new vet and was able to learn from Dr. Lee, especially in surgery, he was a good teacher and always willing to help. There are five doctors in our practice aside from Dr. Lee and we would often refer cases to him as he was excellent with orthopedic and cosmetic surgery. He had to learn how to do surgery with minimal equipment but was still able to provide excellent service.

Dr. Lee is, of course, very good with animals. He is gentle and has never displayed any signs of temper. He is always polite and professional and has good people skills.

Dr. Darie Arseneault

Dr. Lee has been employed at the Elmwood Veterinary Hospital for the past one and half years. He proved to be competent, dependable and accommodating to our staff as well as our clients. He was always respectful to others, dynamic and a good team player.

I am very impressed by Dr. Lee and give him a high recommendation. I am confident that he will provide a high level of commitment, and will be respected not only as a competent veterinarian but also as a man of integrity.