Since 1980 COBS Bread has brought the taste of warm, freshly baked handcrafted bread and treats to many Australian families. In 2003, COBS Bread followed its mission and became known as one of the go-to bakeries in every community worldwide. Among their many locations is the one at Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, proudly owned by Oakville residents Raj & Nidhi Wadhwa since 2009.

Baked Fresh Every Day

Every morning, the staff at Upper Oakville COBS Bread start baking a delicious assortment of baked goods to satisfy the diverse tastes of their customers. Among the options available are the Cape Seed Loafs, which are flavourful and hearty, a variety of Croissant options that are flaky and buttery, and the much-loved Sourdough Sunflower Flax Loaf that has become a family favourite.

Committed To Our Communities

Upper Oakville COBS Bread is a bakery that takes community support seriously. Raj and Nidhi, are passionate about giving back, and they do so in various ways. One of their notable efforts is the COBS Bread Doughnation Day campaign, which generates funds for charities nationwide. During the month of April of 2023, Upper Oakville COBS was able to raise $1997 which will be donated to the Halton Learning Foundation. Their consistent commitment to supporting local charities and groups exemplifies their dedication to the community.

Looking for Fresh in-house baked bread made today and served today? Click here to order your favourite baked bread and treats. Or Visit Upper Oakville’s COBS Bread location at 1011 Upper Middle Rd E Unit C7, Oakville, ON L6H 4L1.