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Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery

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Just like Cupid, the ancient Roman god of love, Cupid Gourmet Bakery has made Oakville residents fall in love with their homemade selection of sweets. For 12 years, Upper Oakville Shopping Centre’s Cupid Gourmet Bakery has produced a variety of delicious baked goods. Beginning as Kiosk in Oakville Place, owner Niki Brinton and her team have become the sweet deities, being Oakville’s first bakery to operate with a commitment to peanut and tree nut-free dessert selections.

Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery – Deity of Sweet 

On February 14th, 2011, Niki and her team opened Oakville’s first committed peanut and tree nut free bakery. Offering a selection of cakes, cupcakes, pies, loaves, and cookies made from scratch and onsite. Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery team is made up of friendly staff who are eager to learn new things and create tasty, sweet experiences. Consisting of a mixture of creative bakers with culinary backgrounds and staff who have learned.

Cupid’s is Trust

As Oakville’s first peanut and tree nut free bakery, Upper Oakville’s Cupid’s Gourmet Boutique has made it their commitment to ensure that their Oakville customers with peanut and tree nut allergen receive their top-of-the-line baked goods that have been safely baked in their peanut free location. Ensuring that their staff follows their peanut free guidelines and as their baked goods are made on-site. Because of their dedicated peanut free commitment, their sweets have also been provided to multiple Oakville schools with nut-free environments as a sweet option for their faculty and students.

Upper Oakville Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery has not only prided themselves on providing sweet treats to its Oakville customers but has also given back to the Oakville community. Participating in multiple fundraisers yearly and donating to multiple charities in Oakville, including Oakville’s Kerr Street Mission, Smilezone, Darling Homes, and the Canadian Cancer Society.  

Looking for that special tasty treat for your loved ones, or simply craving something sweet and tasty? Visit 1011 Upper Middle Rd. E, Unit C8, Oakville, ON. Or click here to place an order online.