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TD Canada Trust

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Toronto-Dominion Bank, also known as TD Canada Trust or TD Bank, is committed to being the best bank for Canadians for over 65 years. Their vision has made them one of the top 10 North American banks. The Upper Oakville Shopping Centre branch aims to offer financial services and advice to all Oakville residents with the utmost integrity.

Customers Come First

The Upper Oakville branch is devoted to offering locals and business owners top-notch financial services and products. They understand the importance of achieving financial goals and work closely with clients to make it happen. Customers can feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands thanks to the bank’s helpful tellers and financial advisors. Operating from 8am to 6pm or 8pm, 5 days a week, they are always available to offer support and guidance.

TD’s commitment

Upper Oakville’s TD Bank and other branches nationwide have been committed to ensuring the thriving of their communities. The branch has worked with the Oakville community to ensure that their four interconnected drivers of change are met. These include providing financial security for customers to improve their financial confidence as the cost of living has changed for many. The branch focuses on the environment to ensure the next generation inherits a healthy one. Bringing the Oakville community together through art and culture by coming together and learning about different diverse traditions is also a priority. Lastly, the Upper Oakville branch has also played their part in creating better health by helping with increasing investment in research, technology, and innovative solutions that improve access to care for all.

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