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Vision and sight are crucial for seeing the world around us. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul” We make deep connections by visually connecting with what is around us and embracing its beauty. At Upper Oakville Shipping Centre’s Glazier Optician, Dr. Paul Glazier, has made it his mission to provide quality eye care service that exceeds the expectation of their patients.

Doctor Recommended

As the great Aristotle once wrote, “We prefer seeing to everything else.” Caring for our vision has become an essential part of our health. Since 1997 Dr. Glazier and his team of professionals optician have provided quality service to ensure that every patient that walks through their doors needs are met. From personalized eye exams to laser consultations and services to help their patients select the perfect stylish eyewear to fit their style, Dr. Glazer and his team provide it all.

The More the Better

Dr. Glazier and his team work to continue to provide eye care solutions to their Oakville patients. In the last few years, the Glazier Optician team has doubled the service they provide. The Upper Oakville practice merged with Dr. Errol Noronha, an Oakville optometrist who has been practicing for 24 years. With Dr. Glazier, Dr. Noronha, and their team of optometry experts, the practice has become one of the top competitors in a highly competitive market.

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Interesting Fact: Did you know that you could get prescription lenses in your dive mask and swimming goggles!? At Glazier opticians, they specialize in inserting prescription lenses in multiple sport eyewear.