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Upper Oakville Pet Hospital

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Since he was a child, Dr. Bryan Lee has had an interest in helping animals of all sorts. In 1997, the South Korean native followed his passion. He began his career in veterinary medicine, utilizing his vast knowledge and experience to serve the healthcare needs of pets. His practice of veterinary medicine continued after he immigrated to Canada in 2010, and in 2015 he opened Upper Oakville Pet Hospital, a modernistic, full-digital hospital within the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre.

Gold Standard Service

Providing the best care for their furry patients is Upper Oakville Pet Hospital’s top priority. Since May of 2015, Dr. Lee and his team have been committed to providing the right service for their furry patient. Ensuring their Oakville clients that their pets’ wellness needs will always be met and that they will do everything to protect their furry patients from life-threatening diseases.

All Pets Deserve Love, and Home

Our furry friends love better than humans do, a fact that almost every pet owner can attest to. At Upper Oakville Pet Hospital, they believe all pets deserve to be loved as much as they love and deserve to be a part of a loving and patient home. Upper Oakville Pet Hospital has worked alongside the Oakville Humane Society to bring awareness to the “Adopt don’t Shop” program. Educating locals on the value of adopting unclaimed strays and finding them good forever homes.

Coming Soon for your Furry Family Member

Upper Oakville Pet Hospital is committed to providing the best medical advice and service to Oakville pet owners. With the aim of keeping their customers informed about upcoming events and news, they are currently working on improving their Instagram presence. To be kept up to date on the latest news and tips, follow Upper Oakville Pet Hospital at @upperoakvillph.

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