The last-minute outfit stress is a stress that has happened to many of us out here. Having to franticly search from store to store in hopes of finding the perfect outfit to make a statement on the special night out. But that hope to find that perfect outfit has not always been that successful, especially when retail staff/ managers do not show a willingness to assist. An experience that Upper Oakville Shopping Centre’s Luci Boutique Owner Shelly Coleman has experienced and has ensured that none of her Oakville customers will ever go through at her Oakville boutique.

Fashion That Will Last

When Shelly and her sister Marlene McDonald opened Luci Boutique in the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, they knew they had a clear vision of what the store needed to bring to their Oakville customers. Their vision was to create a store where women can shop to find their signature look from the best selection of top styles and bands. With over 35 years in the retail industry, Shelly and Marlene have put together different lines and style options from European high fashion to Canadian manufactured brands. As part of their mission, they aim to provide their customers with various fashion choices to build their confidence and wardrobe.

More than a Boutique

Oakville’s Luci Boutique is more than your average boutique. Shelly and Marlene have created an atmosphere that provides excellent customer service. It is their goal to build not only the perfect outfit for their Oakville customers but to build a relationship as well. Ensuring their customers know they will receive the best fashion advice when they visit to shop. The Luci boutique team has also built connections with many members of the older community in Oakville, offering a drop-off service to ensure they receive the top-of-the-line style.

Stay Tuned

As the fashion world evolves and styles change, Luci Boutique has made it their mission to bring the current fashion trends to their customers. With the change in season, Luci Boutique is eager to present their new spring collection, which features new brands and options for their Oakville customers.

Looking to update your look or refresh your wardrobe with the trendiest styles? Look no further! Click here to browse Luci Boutique’s variety of trendy designer brands.