Since 1975, Petro-Canada has become one of Canada’s leading integrated energy companies. With more than 1,500 retail outlets across the country, Petro-Canada has prioritized keeping people moving. Upper Oakville Shopping Centre Petro-Canada has become the spot to fill up on fuel and a location with outstanding service and great staff.

Always on your way

The goal of Upper Oakville Petro-Canada and all other Petro-Canada locations is to provide excellent service and high-quality fuel to all of their customers. The full-service gas bar allows customers to come in and fill up their vehicles with fuel, get some snacks for the road, and even play their lottery numbers. Oakville residents can also collect Petro-point each time they visit the location. Each dollar spent and each litre pumped moves you 10 points closer to the next reward.

Live By the Leaf

At Upper Oakville Petro-Canada, they follow the Petro-Canada Motto to Live by the leaf by follow true Canadian values. They believe in helping not only the those in the Oakville neighbourhood, but Canadian across the nation. Encouring the community support Petro-Canada’s CareMakers Foundation, the Canadian Paralympian team, the 2SLGBTQ+ Canadians During Pride, and many more. At Upper Oakville Petro-Canada, connecting with community is what is means to live by the leaf.

Need to fill up on gas, and snacks or looking to play some number? Visit Upper Oakville Shopping Centre Petro-Canada today. Located at 1007 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville, ON L6H 1M1

Interesting Fact: Petro‑Canada is a product of the world oil crisis in 1973 and 1974.