In the midst of Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, one will discover Thai Siam, a cherished local Thai eatery. Here, one can explore an extensive menu brimming with authentic Thai delights, ready to whisk each and every taste buds away on a flavorful voyage through Thailand. Thai Siam holds a special place in the hearts of Oakville residents, offering them the chance to savour the rich spices, delectable dishes, and inviting atmosphere of Thai culture and cuisine right in their neighbourhood.

Experiences of Taste Thailand

The heart and soul of Upper Oakville’s Thai Siam are their talented chefs who meticulously craft each dish. Each dish on their menu is made to enhance the rich flavour of the finest sourced ingredients to make it traditional. From the fiery Tom Yum soup to their famous Pad Thai Bangkok, every dish bursts with the bold, harmonious flavours that Thai Siam is known for. Their tasteful menu is why the Oakville restaurant received Thai SELECT’s Classic award presented to restaurants who serve authentic Thai cuisine with high standard taste.

Local Gem

Upper Oakville Thai Siam continues to serve the community with its delightful dishes. The Thai eatery has been known for their generous hospital and warm welcome upon arrival to their restaurant. Ensuring that each visit feels like dining in the company of loved ones. Always eager to assist customers in selecting items from the menu and to make suggestions based on those customers’ preferences. Both regular diners and newcomers to the restaurant feel a sense of belonging as a result of their commitment to fostering a welcoming environment.

Come indulge in the flavours of Thailand right here in Oakville! Visit Upper Oakville Shopping Centre’s Thai Siam today!